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Lara-Jacobo LR,  Gutierrez-Villagomez JM,  Gauthier C, Patey G, Xin Q, Triffault-Bouchet G, Dettman HD and Langlois VS (2024) Diluted bitumen weathered under warm or cold temperatures is equally toxic to freshwater fish. Front. Environ. Sci. 12:1328313. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2024.1328313

Medel, Alejandro, Marlon C. González, Jesús Treviño-Reséndez, Yunny Meas, Zaira I. Bedolla-Valdez, Linda R. Lara-Jacobo, Gabriel Alonso-Núñez, and Erika Méndez (2023). Synergistic role of active chlorine species and hydroxyl radicals during disinfection and mineralization of carwash wastewater.

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (2023): 1-11.


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Front. Res. Metr. Anal. 7:898896. 

Lara-Jacobo L R., Islam Golam, Desaulniers Jean-Paul, Kirkwood Andrea, and Simmons Denina (2022). Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Proteins in Wastewater Samples by Mass Spectrometry.

Environmental science & technology 56 (8), 5062-5070, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c04705.

Islam, G., Gedge, A., Lara-Jacobo, L., Kirkwood, A., Simmons, D., & Desaulniers, J. P. (2022). Pasteurization, storage conditions and viral concentration methods influence RT-qPCR detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater.

Science of The Total Environment 821, 153228

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Environmental Science & Technology 55 (18), 12504-12516

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Environmental pollution 246, 501-508

Leyva-Soto, A., Chavez-Santoscoy, R., Lara-Jacobo, L R., Chavez-Santoscoy, A., & Gonzalez-Cobian, L. (2018). Daily Consumption of Chocolate Rich in Flavonoids Decreases Cellular Genotoxicity and Improves Biochemical Parameters of Lipid and Glucose Metabolism.

Molecules 23 (9), 2220

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Revista de biología marina y oceanografía, 51(2), 327-336.

Ashley Gedge; Reeta Ibrahim; Tomas De Melo; Linda Lara-Jacobo; Thomas Dlugosz; Andrea Kirkwood; Jean-Paul Desaulniers; Denina Simmons. The role of catchment population size, data normalization, and chronology of public health interventions on wastewater-based COVID-19 viral trends.

Science of the Total Environment

Jain Shreya, Lara-Jacobo Linda & Simmons Denina B.D. Refining Adverse Outcome Pathways using Japanese Medaka Embryos (Oryzias latipes) exposed to 2,3,7,8 Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin.

Environmental Science & Technology

Sandoval-Herrera, Lara-Jacobo Linda R, N. I., Castillo, J. P., Herrera M., L. G., Simmons Denina and Welch Jr., K. C. Common insecticide affects spatial navigation in bats at environmentally-realistic doses.

Scientific advances

Lara-Jacobo L R., Chavez-Santoscoy, R. An evaluation of the air quality in Monterrey's industrial zone in the last decade, and its potential health effects.

In preparation and targeted journal: Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology.

Lara-Jacobo L R., Islam Golam, Gedge Ashley, Desaulniers Jean-Paul, Kirkwood Andrea, and Simmons Denina. Cancer Biomarkers in Wastewater Based-Epidemiology (WBE).

In preparation and targeted journal: ES&T | Water

Lara-Jacobo L R. Microplastics: emerging threat to public health.

In preparation and targeted journal: Pan American Journal of Public Health

Lara-Jacobo L R. Epidemiological surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: relevance to the pandemic.

In preparation and targeted journal: Pan American Journal of Public Health

Lara-Jacobo L R, Lauren Timlick, Jose Luis Rodriguez-Gil, Jules M. Blais, Mark L. Hanson, Bruce P. Hollebone, Diane M. Orihel, Vince P. Palace & Langlois VS. Physiological responses of fathead minnow embryos exposed to Cold Lake Blend diluted bitumen spilled at the IISD-Experimental Lakes Area.

In preparation

Patricia Caratozzolo, Alma Hernández-Mondragón, Vianney Lara-Prieto, Rebeca García-García, Maribel García Barrientos, Cristina Pérez-Trejo and Linda R. Lara-Jacobo*. Acciones de la OWSD México para contribuir a la reducción de la brecha de género. 

Cátedra Abierta Latinoamericana Matilda y las Mujeres en Ingeniería (CAL-Matilda)

Lara-Jacobo, Linda R & Alejandro Ives Estivill Castro. The Scientific Relationship between Quebec and Mexico: an example of Science Diplomacy / La relation scientifique entre le Québec et le Mexique : un exemple de diplomatie scientifique / La relación Científica entre Quebec y México: ejemplo de Diplomacia Científica.

DiploCientifica blog: The Science Diplomacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lara-Jacobo Linda, Luisa F. Echeverría King, Kleinsy Bonilla, Claudia Natalie Widmaier Müller and Karina Aquino. Women researchers build effective networks: reflections on OWSD’s presence in Latin America to motivate girls and women in science / Mujeres investigadoras construyen redes efectivas: Reflexiones sobre la presencia de OWSD en América Latina para motivar niñas y mujeres en la ciencia.

DiploCientifica blog: The Science Diplomacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lara-Jacobo Linda, Mikellena Nettos, Adrian Werner, Brent Elsey and Émilie Campbell-Renaud. A Climate Reality Leaders’ Guide to Greening Your Holidays / Guide des Ambassadeur·rice·s de la réalité climatique pour rendre votre temps des Fêtes plus vert.

The Climate Reality Project Canada.

Lara-Jacobo Linda R. Proposal: Guidelines for Wastewater Surveillance of COVID-19 in wastewater.

InnScid -Innovation and Science Diplomacy School

Lara-Jacobo, Linda R & Echeverria-King Luisa F. Reflections on Science Diplomacy trainings  /  Reflexiones sobre entrenamientos de Diplomacia Científica

DiploCientifica blog: The Science Diplomacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lara-Jacobo, Linda R. Introduction to ecotoxicogenomics, applications, uses and the importance of this new area / Introducción a la ecotoxicogenómica, aplicaciones, usos y la importancia de esta nueva área

Programa de Divulgación Científica “Carl Sagan” del Instituto de Genética Barbara McClintock.

Lara-Jacobo, Linda R. The fundamental role of women in science for social development in Latin America / El rol fundamental de la mujer en la ciencia para el desarrollo social en Latinoamérica

Programa de Mentoría para la Acción por los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible ODS / Sustainable Development Goals SDGs Action Mentorship Program)

(1) ACS Food Science & Technology

(2) Revista de divulgación científica iBIO

(3) External reviewer for Research Topic:  Frontiers in Public Health.

(2) Revisions of preliminary drafts of doctoral theses for the PhD Program in Coastal Oceanography of the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).

(1) External reviewer for Research Topic: Engaging Scientific Diasporas for Development: Policy and Practices in Frontiers.

(3) For the DiploCientifica blog: The Science Diplomacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.

(6) Book Revision of Spanish Workbooks U+ Education: Pre-Level 1A,1B, Level 1A, 1B, Level 2A, and Level 2B Workbook.

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