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Antarctic Expedition

Environmental Toxicology & Epidemiology Scientist

Disposable Mask


  • Salton Sea Renewable Resource Health Impact Assessment

  • Improving Biomass Burning Estimate in Mexico

  • Fragmentation and degradation of macroplastics in riverine environments in the US-Mexico border region

  • Evaluation of microbial communities and antibiotic resistance genes in two wastewater treatment plants in the US-Mexico border region

Kumeyaay Land Acknowledgement

For millennia, the Kumeyaay people have been a part of this land. This land has nourished, healed, protected and embraced them for many generations in a relationship of balance and harmony. As members of the San Diego State University community, we acknowledge this legacy. We promote this balance and harmony. We find inspiration from this land, the land of the Kumeyaay.
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